Thinnect works with a range of partners to deliver solutions based on Thinnect Mist to the market.

Thinnect works with partners across the value chain to facilitate creation and deployment of solutions based on Thinnect Mist technology. By managing our networks in real-time we ensure QoS, network security and application operation, providing the data you need to the cloud, removing the burden of network management and leaving you to focus on IoT applications and data analytics.

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Lighting sales

Thinnect offers a complete Intelligent Lighting Control solution to lighting companies.


Thinnect offers Thinnect Mist as a building block for companies creating solutions.

Hardware ODM

Thinnect works with hardware Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to offer its solutions to the market.

Cloud analytics

Thinnect partners with analytics companies offering (IoT) solutions to provide a complete solution.

System design house

Thinnect supports system design houses in creation of solutions based on Thinnect Mist.

Thinnect Solution Partners

Bellnet is Thinnect's manufacturing partner, based in China with a strong track record for quality and reliability.

RTX is a world-class solutions design company, with more than a decade proven experience in specifying/design/qualify and productizing wireless solutions.

Alien technology is a world leader in RFID.

Atmel provides cost-effective and energy efficient wireless SOCs that support IoT.

EWM provides turn-key energy upgrades for commercial facilities with 64 sales offices across the USA.