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Thinnect CEO, Jurgo Preden, interviewed by Estonian National Television

Estonian national television did a show on TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology) researchers who are improving what we eat, how we move and where we live.Thinnect CEO, Jürgo Preden explained how we can make our cities smarted with data collected from city streets.As it is the Estonian national television, then the show is in Estonian

Indoor Air Quality Solution Used in a School in Tallinn, Estonia

Thinnect has developed a solution that can be used to assess indoor air quality and ventilation efficiency in real time. The solution consists of a wireless carbon dioxide sensors and a cloud solution that helps the school to measure the CO2 concentration in a school, providing real-time reports and sending notifications as soon as the

Thinnect is building Smart City solutions with Tallinn University of Technology

Thinnect is working with the Institute of Software Science at Tallinn University of Technology are developing technology and solutions that can monitor urban air and measure traffic flows via hundreds of sensors powered by solar panels and connected by mesh network. The sensor units placed on street lighting poles of Tallinn are connected via a