IoT Solution Provider

Commercial lighting

Thinnect's Commercial wireless lighting solutions uniquely enable lighting companies to offer their customers greater energy savings without any need for network/IT expertise. Our self-configuring technology simplifies and speeds installation while our internet-based solution enables us to continuously monitor and manage your customer's lighting networks, so you don't need to.

Intelligent street lighting solutions

Street lighting solutions that (almost) deploy themselves. Thinnect Mist based street lighting was first deployed in 2012 and today it is operational in five countries (and growing). Our advanced wireless networking technology efficiently handles smart street lighting, offering many capabilities for future applications expansion.

Internet of Things

As an IoT Network Service Provider, Thinnect offers compelling advantages to the majority of IoT applications. We are working hard to extend our support for these applications - can't wait? Please feel free to contact us to see if we can still help.

Food safety

Thinnect offers a comprehensive Food Safety solution that provides peace of mind for anyone handling food. The solutions consists of wireless sensors placed in food storage areas. Automated alerts and regular reports ensure that all food is stored and handled safely.

Building energy efficiency

Thinnect's building energy monitoring sensors monitor the environmental conditions as well as the operation of building equipment. The comprehensive reports help to understand the environmental conditions in a building and identify any inefficiencies

Smart city

Thinnect's Smart City solution offers intelligent street light control as well as a comprehensive set of sensors. The Smart City sensors monitor traffic speeds and density as well as environmental conditions in a city, such as noise, CO, NO2 and particle levels and many other parameters.


We employ government-grade PKI security for Edge devices

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12 year field proven

Our technology is 12 years field proven and deployed in 30+ countries

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Transparent managment

We manage networks and applications, ensuring best application performance and reliability

Self configuring

15 years in development, our technology is uniquely self-configuring, reducing deployment costs by up to 75%

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Efficent edge computing

We offer Mist Computing technology, which improves reliability, scalabaility and bandwidth usage

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Easy to install

We improve the efficiency of our partners, in development, deployment and management of applications


Flawless operation: from the Edge-of-network to Thinnect-provisioned customer databases

Case studies

Thinnect’s software technology is already in use in the market

Intelligent Street Lighting

Cityntel has deployed a Thinnect technology-based, smart street lighting networkis in 8+ cities with over 3000...

Food Safety

Thinnect Temp-Sense solution showcases the capability of Thinnect technology with sensors deployed in stainless steel refrigerators across...

Smart City Solution

Thinnect has deployed a network of 850 Smart City sensors in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. Thinnect...